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Water and Sanitation

Clean running water is the backbone of all health facilities. Sadly, our beneficiary institutions have aged water infrastructure that barely works. Most institutions are now resorting to asking the patients’ relatives to bring water during visits. Help us make the water come out of the taps again.

Caregiver Support

The comfort of caregivers is highly important as their morale is directly related to the level of care they can give. Any assistance to improve the caregivers’ work environment will go a long way.

Shelter for Martenity Patients

A considerable number of maternity patients live as far as 50 miles away from major health institutions. As such, they have to come and stay close to the hospital during the last two weeks of their pregnancy. They struggle to look after themselves so far away from home. Health Gateway Africa Trust seeks a future where no expecting mother is stressed by her living conditions away from home.

Equipment and Devices

Current equipment used by beneficiary institutions is dated and in most cases unserviceable. Devices are scarce or simply not there. Help increase efficiency with a glucometer, dinamap, blood pressure machine or even a good old desktop computer. Patient beds are as old as the expecting mothers themselves with the linen half as old. A fresh set of bed linen makes a fast healing patient.