April 3 2019 Stakeholders meeting

Highlighted Urgent Issues

  • Caregivers Support
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Shelter facilities for expecting mothers during the last two weeks of pregnancy
  • Equipment, consumables and non-consumables

August 23 2019 Expecting mothers clothing

  • August 23 presentation of clothing for expecting mothers
    August 23 presentation of clothing for expecting mothers
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August 23 2019 Wash Inspection

  • Pipe Replacement Progress
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St Michaels Hospital and HGAT were of the consensus that for WASH to be successfully implemented, old pipes and toilet sets had to be replaced. This will go a long way to curb water losses through leaks as well as dry taps due to pipe blockages. The WASH partnertship is ongoing as detailed here:

December 14 2020 DESMI Africa Technical Visit

Welcome to Mhondoro-Ngezi District Desmi Africa. This technical visit encompassed both Ngezi Rural Hospital and St Michaels District Hospital. The need and scope for WASH equipment and waste disposal was discussed and demonstrated.

Ngezi Hospital 23 December Borehole Siting

To ensure that our borehole drilling water drills at the right location, siting experts are invited to apply their expertise to locate underground water at Ngezi Rural District Hospital.

Training Day, 27 July 2022

St Michaels staff receive training on how to use the Incinerator donated by DESMI, DEG, KFW in partnership with HGAT

Official Incineration and Borehole Handover, 28 July 2022

We officially handover the equipment to St Michaels on conclusion of this journey